The writer behind Nourish, Flourish and Eat is me, Rebekah. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! My goal is to enlighten you in all aspects of your life.  I am a wife and stay-at-home mom! I’m taking a step back to a more traditional lifestyle. Call it whatever you want, natural, holistic, paleo, crunchy. I call it, real life! My goal is to inspire, teach and lead others into a more mindful state of living in all areas of life. I blog about motherhood, minimalism, no-nasties makeup, sustainable living, holistic nutrition and more! 
Are you looking for a good read? Wanting down to earth answers to your questions? Check out “Food for Thought”, you will find the articles that I have poured my heart and soul into. Is the environment you are in influencing your health in a negative way?? Do you get a migraine every time you clean with chemicals? It’s okay, visit “Minimal Living”, you will learn how to change your environment from making your own counter cleaner and living zero waste to limiting stress by living a more minimal lifestyle . Need some dinner inspiration? Does breakfast leave you wanting more? Do you keep hearing the words “Bone Broth” and wonder What the heck is that?! Check out “Recipes”, for all of your homemade paleo recipes, tried and true.

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