A Nursing Mom’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I learned about the concept of the capsule wardrobe last year right before I found out I was pregnant. I had just started a new job in which I had to wear “real” clothes, and not stretchy pants and running shoes. I was looking for ideas to update my wardrobe, and get the most out of each piece and my wallet.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is, “less is more.” Less stuff in your closet, less fuss in the morning when you’re getting ready and more time for life. The number of items in your capsule wardrobe is up to you, (in my opinion.) How often you update your wardrobe is also up to you. The main idea, is to purchase items that you LOVE, that are high quality, that will last multiple seasons and multiple years.

If you are the kind of person who needs a set of “rules”, there are two ideas you can follow! The 37 piece “capsule wardrobe” from un-fancy.com.  This wardrobe consists of 37 pieces every 3 months, and NO shopping during those 3 months, other than the very last 2 weeks of the third month, in which you prepare your wardrobe for the next season. I’m sure all the husbands are like HELLO, did you just say no shopping for THREE MONTHS?!  Lol. Your 37 pieces do not include accessories such as jewelry, purses etc. Other excluded items are work out clothes and that old pair of jeans you keep around for painting the house or yard work.

Or there is Project 333, 33 pieces every 3 months as well. However, these 33 pieces DO include accessories, jewlery etc. Items that are excluded would be wedding rings or any other sentimental pieces of jewelry and workout clothes (assuming you don’t do more than workout in your workout clothes, ha..ha..ha.. Said no mom ever.)

Read both blogs, and decided if either of them speak to you, or make up your own rules! However, the concept will be the same.

As a nursing mom, less IS more. Buying nursing specific clothes can make things easy at the beginning, but sometimes it is hard investing in a garment that you won’t wear next year, and who knows what season you will be breastfeeding in if you plan to have more children. On top of breastfeeding, your body is changing AGAIN! A postpartum body is actually harder to dress than that cute pregnancy bump! Sometimes I worry some jack wagon is going to ask me when the baby is due… my son is 3.5 months old AND i’ve lost over 40lbs. I’m not vain or obsessed with my weight, everything is just soft, stretched and fluffy! (Good thing is winter, and not swimsuit season!)

A few items that are totally worth the investment, that do not “count” towards your wardrobe count are nursing bras  and undershirts.  I started wearing nursing bras during my pregnancy, and I wish I had not waited as long as I did to start wearing them! Three of each is really all you need, which colors you choose are up to you.

For the sake of capsule wardrobe, I’m going to keep this list to 25 pieces, including accessories such as scarfs, nursing covers, purses and diaper bags! (However, if you are not a nursing mother, most of these items still make a great capsule wardrobe!) I typically run my winter capsule wardrobe from November to January due to the climate I live in. Please keep in mind that my winters are between 39-65 degrees. You might be thinking, only 25 pieces, but continue reading and you will realize it really is enough! (Keep in mind, i’m not counting workout clothes or lounge wear.)

The key to breastfeeding is layers and temperature regulation! I don’t know about you, but I get extremely warm nursing my son.

Below are the basics, the items that I have linked are just suggestions, I always recommend that you try items on in the store where you can get the exact fit, size and quality you are looking for. I also recommend that you do your research and know WHO made the clothing you are purchasing and WHERE it was made. The linked items below are just a reflection of the images I chose, I can not guarantee quality or sustainability. However, as a new mom, getting to the store AND trying things on is nearly impossible! The items I have linked are mostly available on Amazon prime, meaning free 2 day shipping and very easy returns! (The return is issued back to you as soon as UPS picks the item up from your house, YES.. you read that right, UPS will pick the return up for you, at no extra charge!) Please know, that by purchasing from the linked items you are supporting my blog.

If you do not have amazon prime, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here, using the link below.

Another one of my favorite places to shop is POSHMARK! Designer items up to 70% off!

Sign up using my code NZPBD for $5 off your first purchase. You can also check out my closet! @yogarunmomma

Basic Tops (3)

Mama Bird 

But First, Coffee Don’t forget the matching onesie Okay, but first milk

Lose Black V Neck 

Long Sleeve Tops (4)

Long Sleeve Pocket Tee 

Loose, Oversized Long Sleeve 

Long Sleeve Handkerchief Tunic 

Contrast Stripes Nursing Top with ¾ Sleeves 

Button Ups (2)

Flannel Button Up 

Denim Chambray 

Dresses (1)

Black Long Sleeve Dress 

Outerwear (4)

Vest with Hood 

Denim Vest 

Military Jacket 

Black Leather Jacket 

Pants (3)

High waisted lined leggings (I’m still rocking my maternity leggings! They feel great post c-section!)

Boyfriend Style Jeans 

Skinny Corduroy Pants 

Shoes (3)

Knee High Boots 

Black Ankle Boots 

Birkenstock Boston Clogs 

Accessories (2)

Covered Goods Nursing 4 in 1 Cover 
This nursing cover can be worn as an infinity scarf, nursing cover, carseat cover and as a shopping cart cover.

Wide Brim Wool Floppy Hat

Bags (3)

Timi & Leslie Over the Shoulder 7 piece Diaper Bag 

Back Pack Diaper Bag 

Messenger Diaper Bag 

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